We Love SEO.

We have completed Search Engine Optimization projects for small business websites all around the world and the truth is we love the dynamic nature of the industry, adjusting to changing algorithms, and staying ahead of the game.

Beautiful Content, High Quality Links.

Our specialty is creating interesting and engaging content which we then use to build effective and relevant links to your website.

Effective and Affordable SEO.

We realize that SEO can be expensive, and that it can be difficult to understand exactly where your money is being spent. We pride ourselves on being 100% transparent and offering a tangible return on investment so you can get on with what you do best.


As a small business starting out I was completely in the dark when it came to SEO. In fact I’d never even heard of the term. Cite Works took a little business, virtually invisible to the online world, and launched it onto the first page of Goggle search. Within days jobs starting streaming in!


Now Photo Corner is one of the leading Photo Booth companies in Sydney.


Glen is always there to answer my questions (no matter how silly) and offer guidance. His support has been fundamental in the growth of my business. We couldn’t have gotten this far without him. Thank you Glen and Cite works!


Renae McDonald – Founder – Photo Corner


“Within three months Cite Works has taken us from page three to page one, often in the top one or two for our key search terms, and provided simple jargon-free reports to show us how this has happened, and what we can expect next.


Cite Works has tripled our lead generation in a very short period of time, and web traffic to our site has gone through the roof!”


Jon Deaker, Sales Manager, Espresso Essential


Affordable SEO Services for Small Business 1

Infographic Creation and Link Building Service

Cite Works can design and create a niche specific infographic for your website.

We’ll identify an interesting and timely subject for your infographic, source reputable data, and create a beautiful design.

We then promote your infographic within your sector and attract attention as well as high quality backlinks to your site.

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Affordable SEO Services for Small Business 2

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

Cite Works can take care of your search engine optimization with one of our affordable and effective SEO packages.

We will provide advice for optimizing your site, target specific keywords, and build high quality, high impact links to your website from a variety of relevant locations.

This includes regular reports and analytics outlining progress, as well as monthly Skype calls.

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Affordable SEO Services for Small Business 3

Effective Content Marketing

We create engaging and intriguing content for your website and then promote it within your niche or market sector.

Not only will this draw attention to your brand, it leads to strong, relevant links pointing to your domain and improves your presence in the search engines.

Options include guest posts, animated videos, infographics, and dynamic presentations.

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