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Conversion optimization relies primarily on testing. Split testing everything you do on your website and analyzing the results will provide you with better info than you’ll ever get from reading blog posts.

Despite that, there are certain psychological principles you should keep in mind when creating your tests.

Here are four techniques that will help guide you in your split testing efforts.

1. Make The Brain Light Up!

According to several Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) studies, our frontal cortex steps things up a gear when we think about needing to wait for something.

If you’re trying to sell, then that sort of activity is a big downer.

Remind potential customers of how quickly they can¬†receive¬†what you’re selling. Maybe you have a digital product, maybe you offer overnight shipping.

Whatever you can do to let your potential customers know that they won’t need to wait long, or even wait at all – make it happen.

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2. Be Something That People Want To Buy Into

About two-thirds of customers who have strong relationships with particular brands say it’s because they share values with the brands in question.

Stand for something as a business or a website and make that known to your visitors.

You can do this with images or blog posts but really it needs to be at the core of your whole venture.

Start with why.


3. Understand The Three Types of Buyers

There are basically three types of buyers you need to cater for; Spendthrifts, Average Buyers, and Tightwads.

Average Buyers and Spendthrifts are your bread and butter but if you don’t address the Tightwads as well – you’re leaving money on the table.

Tightwads make up roughly 24% of your customers and they need pricing options that make their commitment to you less intimidating. Try breaking down how much they will be spending – per use, per month, per piece. Help them justify their spend.

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4. Break Through ‘Action Paralysis’

Remind your potential customers how easy it is to get started. Maybe you have a free trial, maybe you can make a payment and be live within 10 minutes.

You want to help your customer get past their ‘action paralysis’ – should I buy it? should I leave it or perhaps think about it later?

Providing some kind of guarantee can often tip the balance in this respect. If the risk of purchase is minimized, action becomes much easier to take.


Take these techniques and go and start a new split test on your site, the results could surprise you.

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