Affordable Search Engine Optimization - 10 Questions To Ask

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Cite Works specialise in providing affordable search engine optimization packages to enhance your online presence.

The following are 10 questions I like to ask before implementing an SEO campaign for any site:

 1. What on-site SEO factors could we enhance for your website?

Most business websites have been built by web designers; they look beautiful, but are not necessarily optimized well for the search engines.

Our first step in providing an affordable search engine optimization strategy for you is to assess the on-site SEO factors of your website.

Do you have a blog? Are your pages structured with the correct H1 tags and permalinks? Do you have outbound links pointing to relevant high authority sites? Images with correct Alt tags? Fast load times? High quality, 1000 word+ articles? LSI keywords?

There are many factors to consider and I will go through your site with you and provide a report on elements you can improve to improve your rankings overnight.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

2. What does your current link profile look like?

Using a combination of the Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs and Majestic SEO I can assess your current link profile and analyse your weak and strong points.

Elements of your link profile which can have a significant impact include your anchor text profile, your ratio of links to referring domains and the quality and trust of the sites that link to you.

Based on this information I can decide which anchor text to use when building links to your site, which type of websites links need to be built on, and even potentially where some links may need to be manually removed.

3. How competitive is your market?

By assessing the competitiveness of your market I can ascertain how difficult it will be to rank for certain keywords, what sort of time frame I will need before I can start to see tangible results and also learn more about the biggest influencers in your market.

All of this information will prove helpful in answering our next two questions.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

4. What are the best keywords for you to pursue?

There will likely be many keywords that have the potential to bring qualified traffic to your website. The key is to target those which have sufficient traffic but manageable competition.

By assessing how competitive your market is I can decide if it will be worth pursuing head terms (1-3 word keywords) or highly qualified long-tail keywords (3+ word keywords).

In a very competitive market the time and effort taken to rank for head terms can often be better spent focusing on more lucrative long-tail searches.

In order to implement the most effective and affordable search engine optimization strategy possible, it’s important to allocate resources where they have the biggest bang for their buck.

5. Who are the biggest influencers in your market?

By determining the biggest influencers in your market you can discover their approaches and where they have the most success.

This might also result in uncovering avenues which they haven’t considered, that you can then exploit.

Reviewing the backlink profile of your competitors is also a traditional and effective way to learn and understand some of your best potential linking opportunities.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

6. Who would link to you and why?

Using information gained from examining your competitors link profiles and also general research in your market area, I can decide which websites would be most likely to link to your website.

I can also take an educated guess at what sort of content would they be most likely to link to. What kind of content do these websites currently link to? Which of their content gets the most social sharing attention?

7. What resources would those sites and their audiences value most?

I can then take the information obtained from the prior question one step further. What are these potential partner websites really focused on? What sort of questions are they trying to answer for their audience? What are their most popular posts to date?

What sort of content, videos, graphics, or presentations can I create that will result in a high level of engagement for their readers and in turn referral traffic and authoritative links to your site?

8. What resource would be the best intersection between demand in your market and relevance to your website?

I can now try and match out ideas for the most engaging content possible with the relevance of your own site.

There needs to be some sort of compromise between content that will engage a large number of viewers and content that provides real relevance to your own website.

There’s less to gain if you create an amazing piece of content which drives traffic to your site, only for that traffic to find that you don’t offer them anything they particularly want or need.

9. How can I build real relationships with those who will post and link to your content?

Building relationships with websites that will one day host or link to your content is something that needs to start as soon as possible.

Engaging them on Twitter or Facebook, leaving informative comments, and contacting them directly with suggestions or feedback on their site can be a great way to let them know you exist.

From there you can develop a basic relationship through which you could suggest content ideas and eventually promote your own content.

Affordable Search Engine Optimization

10. How can I go the extra mile to differentiate your site from the pack?

The final step is to devise ways to make your site really stand out from the crowd. The quality and engagement of your content will leave a lasting impression on people and it’s important to always be excelling in this respect.

The quality of your relationships is also crucially important and continues to return over time. Putting a little more effort into creating a genuine interaction with potential partners can be the difference between tens of visitors or thousands of visitors.


Cite Works will work with you in providing the best and most effective content possible, determining the most valuable partners, and outlining the most effective online strategy for your business.

Affordable search engine optimization does not need to be thin and low impact, it can be comprehensive and highly lucrative if executed correctly.

Cite Works provides three different types of package to help you increase your online visibility and fully utilise the search engines as a means to drive more customers to your website. Visit our Services page to read more…


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